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Nov 8, 2020
Welcome to JBHC.Me!

We're pleased you're here, and hope you enjoy our forum. As a JBHC.Me Member, it is your responsibility to read, know, and abide by these rules as you will be held accountable for them whether you read them or not. It is also your responsibility to check back regularly as these rules can and will change as need dictates, with or without notice. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask a Mod or Admin, we're here to help you.

The owners, administrators, and moderators of JBHC.Me reserve the right to delete, edit, move, or close any thread at any time for any reason. Furthermore, JBHC.Me reserves the right to deny entrance to anyone who we feel will be disruptive or detrimental to the JBHC.Me forums. Membership here is a privilege and not an obligation on our part.

The following rules are expected to be followed at all times. If you're caught breaking these rules, you could be warned, banned and even IP banned from the site.

Most important rules

0. Use site Own Upload System
0.Free File hosing is allowed
Premium only link not allowed

  1. The Most Important Rules:
    - You must be 18 years or older. Please follow your own state/country laws.
    - No underage pornogaphy/photography. All models to be 18+
    - No r ape, scat, animal videos/photos or anything sick/illegal (includes fantasy content).
Violation of these rules leads to ban without any warnings.

  1. No shemale/transsexual/beastiality videos/photos
  2. Bumping is not allowed.

Use password for all upload

These rules are subject to change at any time. Please respect, and follow these rules.

General forum guidelines
  1. No systematic foul language.
  2. No languages other than English. This is an English only forum.
  3. No trashing of other peoples topics. (i.e. SPAM).
  4. No Thread hijacking of any kind. (Sharing in someone else's thread, going off topic e.t.c.)
  5. No abuse towards other members or racist dialogue or content.
  6. No aggressive behavior or flaming in the forums.
  7. Advertising is NOT allowed in your signature or in any other way that includes placing files with links in files that you share, PMs, placing links on screenshots and previews or in the file's name and/or all similar to the above described methods. Violators will be banned.
  8. No linking to paid or cash sites, no linking to your own sites without authorization. That includes placing files with links in files that you share, PMs, placing links on screenshots and previews or in the file's name and/or all similar to the above described methods. Violators will be banned.
  9. No linking to other forums, no discussion of other forums by any means, that includes PMs too.
  10. Do not mini-mod. We encourage and thank members to use the report button.
  11. No cashlinks
  12. Every video must have a screenshot preview. Thumbnailed screenshots and multiple screenshots are optional. If using promo pictures make sure they do not contain any logos with URLs or trademarks. Any 3rd party logos or watermarks on the screenshots can not contain links or otherwise point or redirect to any 3rd party websites. You may however "sign" your screenshots with your custom logo or signature if you want to as long as it's not violating above stated rule.
  13. Do not use file hosts for previews..
  14. Post all content in the appropriate sections
  15. Do not post more than 1 thread in the same niche in the same section. You may have several threads in one section only if they cover different subjects/niches.
  16. Do not mislead people by posting content that does not match the title. For example do not post MILF porn in Teen thread, or gay in mainstream and so on.
  17. Do not use titles like "H0t Te*ns Fuuuuuck4ing leik cr8zy!". Make your titles clean, presentable and on the subject.
  18. Do not use auto posting software. Violators will be banned.
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